Data Entry Services

Jodhpur Informatics offers online data entry services, information entry in the mode of form data entry, excel data entry, and document archiving in alpha numeric text on web / internet to global companies. Our data entry operators provide remote but fast data entry services to all sectors.

Data Conversion

Jodhpur Informatics extends time bound and cost effective data conversion services, data migration & data transformation services to small business & large companies worldwide. Whether you want PDF conversion, image to text, HTML, XML, OCR, MDB, Word, Excel, Access, SQL or any data file conversion, our data conversion specialists are equipped with skills, data converters, software tools to make your life easy.

Data Processing Services

Jodhpur Informatics helps you in reliable offline & online data processing services encompassing word processing, form processing, batch processing, payroll processing, image processing. Our trained and experienced data processing specialists perform data processing activities on different types of data like contact address, contact information, photos, pictures, images etc. over internet for small business, mid-size companies & large corporates.

Online Catalogs Services

Jodhpur Informatics provides you full range of web content production and web content management services. Our catalog processing services for online stores include converting suppliers' paper catalogs to the web, updating online catalogs and building web-based catalogs. Our catalog processing / web content production services include graphic image work, PDF conversion of catalogs & database updating. We get the catalogs from a variety of trade sources, like website, physical catalogs, digitally shot images etc.

eBook Conversion

Jodhpur Informatics offers you quality eBook conversion. It is the process of compiling data in printed form on paper into electronic books. Company reports, analysis, data inputs, daily reports, worksheets etc.—there are mountains of data that demand to be compiled and presented in a systematic manner. This facilitates easy reading, searching, and understanding and analysis of the situation in the company or outside it, as the case may be. While making an eBook, we focus on the specific requirements of the client and meet them at each step of the project. The core idea is to put all the information at the client’s disposal in a manner that is quickly accessible and understood, and can be edited if necessary.